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Athletes, both amateur and professional know better than anyone that their ability to perform relies on the state of their mind, health and their body. Poor body function increases the risk of sickness and injury which limits ability to train and puts you behind at competition time. Your nervous system supplies absolutely everything in your body – so keeping it flowing freely is a top priority! Dr. Bae is an expert in gentle spinal and extremity adjustments, freeing up blockages and helping your body to function at its optimum. He works with a range of athletes from high school swimmer to ironmen to the weekend warrior and gets a massive thrill from helping people to achieve their sport and exercise goals.

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Can chiropractic prevent injury and keep me on track for my next race?

Yes. On a daily basis we experience physical, chemical and emotional stresses that can accumulate and result in decreased function of our joints. We end up with changes that include reduced movement, blood flow and nerve flow as well as inflammation within the joints. The body is pretty clever and usually hides these things until they’ve been there for quite a while. We often don’t even feel it until they get very stiff & sore or we appear to suddenly injure ourselves. Maintaining the body’s nervous system isolates and corrects these problems before they become a major issue, helping your body to be faster, stronger, smarter and prevent injury.

Can chiropractic help my sporting injury?

Chiropractic care comprises techniques which work on all parts of the body, neck, back, pelvis, groin, hips, legs, knees, calves, ankles, feet, shoulder, arms, elbows, wrists and hands! It works on all body tissues, including bone, joints as well as ligaments, tendons and muscles. It improves blood and nerve flow to the body. New blood brings lots of nutrients and removes waste from injured tissues, speeding up the recovery process. It improves body function, taking the pressure off the injured area to hasten healing.

Is it true that chiropractic can make me stronger with higher endurance?

This is actually true. The brain is the master controller of your body. The better your brain and body communicate, the better the body works. When we are talking muscles, the faster and more clear the signal to the muscle, the faster and stronger it can contract. It’s a little like changing the power supply to a light bulb using a dimmer switch. Turn the switch down and there’s less light. Turn the switch up and the light gets brighter. Research has shown that during training or exercise after a chiropractic adjustment muscles fire with increased power. This is not necessarily about building bigger muscles but getting more strength out of the muscles you have.

I’m really stiff, can chiropractic help me be more flexible and recover quicker?

With exercise, ligaments and muscles tighten leading to a less flexible spine and body. Chiropractic adjustments improve joint movement and muscle function and increase information travelling along the nerves. This allows your brain to talk to your body more quickly and effectively, letting the muscles know when to contract and when to relax, resulting in loose and supple muscles.

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